Thank you for considering RICE for your theological studies. No matter what your goal is when you attend RICE, you can expect to be fully prepared to take on whatever comes next. Students are encouraged to dig deeper in discovering biblical truths. Faculty and staff are well-prepared and seek to inspire students to discover their God-given talents and gifts and RICE is set to fulfill its calling through excellent teaching and service to the community.

  • Two tracks of study at RICE include courses on the Bible and other subjects to ensure that graduates are proficient in providing accurate Scriptural analysis of the texts

  • 30-credit program helps students become more effective Sunday school teachers and leaders in their churches

  • 60-credit program is designed for those who will go on to formal ministry—a valuable option for pastors who lack a formal college degree and/or who had insufficient funds to attend post-high school instruction

Completed forms can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to Tina Jackson at Rochester Institute of Christian Education (RICE).

Email: | Mail: RICE, 388 Tremont Street, Rochester, NY 14608 | Fax: 585.436.0607