Education that Matters!

Rochester Institute of Christian Education (RICE) was started in 1979 as a Bible school designed to train pastors and lay people in the community of Rochester for more effective ministry.  Through practical teaching in Biblical theology and ChriPRstian education, students are provided with the tools and understanding that are needed to “rightly divide the Word of Truth”. (II Timothy 2:15)

RICE Students

RICE offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of students interested in Christian education. Students can enroll in one of our college level programs (Certificate in Christian Ministry or a Certificate in Christian Ministry with a Pastoral Ministry Concentration), audit classes (for no credit), or earn course certificates.  Our faculty is approved by the Evangelical Training Association (ETA).  A few more advantages to enrolling at RICE include:

  • Day and Evening classes offered

  • Small class sizes offer greater individual attention

  • Classes may be audited

  • Tutors are available

  • Limited scholarships are available

  • Up to 30 credits are transferable to Roberts Wesleyan College

Programs (Click on the links below for details)

Certificate in Christian Ministry - 30 Credits (12 Courses)

Certificate in Christian Ministry (with Pastoral Ministry Concentration) - 60 Credits (22 Courses)

Course List (Matriculating and Non-Matriculating)

Audit A Course - No Credits Earned